Lost in Translation: The Importance of Translating Market Research Surveys

Posted by Op4G Staff on October 14, 2021
October is Global Diversity Awareness Month – and what a diverse globe it is! Consider language. According to the latest estimates, there are between 5000 and 7000 human languages worldwide. While..
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Topics: Market Research, Surveys, International

Is it Back to Normal for Back-to-School Shopping? Here’s What the Research Says

Posted by Op4G Staff on September 8, 2021
It's the most wonderful time of the year—the time when kids return to school! Much has changed since last September. Approximately 174 million Americans have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19,..
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Topics: Market Research, Consumer Research

7 Common Research Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Posted by Op4G Staff on August 25, 2021
Everyone makes mistakes, including in the field of market research! Over the years, we’ve seen dozens of missteps related to research design and delivery. Unfortunately, some can seriously jeopardize..
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2020 Tokyo Olympics: Survey Findings

Posted by Op4G Staff on July 27, 2021
Op4G recently surveyed a US sample of 1,000 respondents on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Findings include which media outlets people use to follow the events, reasons for watching, top favorite sports,..
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Op4G Continues Developing Sales Team with John Sadler, Newest Senior Director of Client Development

Posted by Kelly Russell on July 26, 2021
Op4G, a market research company based out of Portsmouth, NH, is pleased to announce the appointment of John Sadler as the newest Senior Director of Client Development. With over 15 years of in-sales..
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GRIT Report 2021: Leave Uncertainty in the Rearview Mirror

Posted by Madeline Warren on July 21, 2021
It is indisputable that the entire consumer landscape has experienced a seismic shift. The whys behind a consumer’s path to purchase have taken a sharp left down a one-way freeway, when it was..
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Topics: Market Research, Growth, COVID-19, Data Quality

This or That: Prioritizing Product Features with the Kano Model

Posted by Op4G Staff on June 23, 2021
It’s a dilemma that all businesses face. On one hand, they want to offer customers every dazzling product feature. But on the other hand, they have real cost considerations. So businesses need to be..
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Topics: Market Research, Surveys, Consumer Research, Growth, Research Methodologies

The Order of the Day: How to Sequence Survey Questions

Posted by Op4G Staff on May 19, 2021
In a previous blog, we went over the basics of crafting effective survey questions. But did you know a second (and surprising) factor can also wreak havoc on your survey results? The order of survey..
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Topics: Market Research, Surveys, Survey Methodologies

Research Tips: Why and How to Conduct B2B Market Research

Posted by Op4G Staff on April 23, 2021
  What is B2B Market Research? If you work in the private sector, there is a good chance you’ve heard of business-to-business marketing. Also known as B2B, business-to-business marketing refers to..
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Topics: Market Research, Surveys, B2B

For Your Information: How Op4G Combats Bad Data Quality

Posted by Op4G Staff on April 8, 2021
In this age of data, approximately 95% of organizations use data to guide their marketing and decision-making. Yet, disturbingly, these organizations believe that 25% of their information is actually..
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Topics: Market Research, Research Technologies, Data Quality