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Happy International Dog Day!

Posted by Op4G Staff on August 26, 2019
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You Can’t Ask That! 6 Tips on How to Get Answers to Sensitive Questions

Posted by Op4G Staff on August 12, 2019
In 1982, Californians voted for their next governor. Exit polls favoured Tom Bradley, the African American Mayor of Los Angeles[i]. However,George Deukmejian(his white opponent) ultimately won the..
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Topics: Polls, Market Research, Politics

Cutting Through the Noise: How Much Mail and Email Donors Receive and Read

Posted by Op4G Staff on July 25, 2018
The average American charitable donor reports receiving about eight mailings and ten e-mails from non-profit organizations in a typical week.  A majority of these communications come from..
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Op4G Named a Top Company for Panel Research in Quirks Magazine

Posted by Op4G Staff on April 5, 2018
At Op4G, we have a lot to be proud of: a stellar staff, dedicated panel, and over $450,000 in charitable donations. Now, we have something else to add to the list. Quirk’s Media has named Op4G one of..
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Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise – Op4G Heads to IIeX Health 

Posted by Op4G Staff on March 19, 2018
It is hard to overstate the size of the American healthcare sector. As of 2015, spending on healthcare (by governments, individuals, and businesses) totalled a staggering $3.2 trillion. That works..
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Topics: Market Research, medical research, Consumer Research, Europe, International

From Brazil to Seville: Op4G's International Reach Keeps Growing

Posted by Op4G Staff on February 13, 2018
These days, more and more businesses are “going global”. For market research companies, expanding internationally can open the door to additional markets and clientele. It can provide access to new..
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Topics: Market Research, Europe, Growth, International

Feeling “Quirky”: Op4G Offers Free Omnibus Study!

Posted by Op4G Staff on January 22, 2018
There are a few ways to fight the winter blues: spend time with interesting people, learn something new, and escape to a warm destination. This winter, Op4G is doing all three - we’re heading to the..
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Op4G's Smart Response to the "Smartphone Takeover"

Posted by Op4G Staff on November 7, 2017
Chances are you are reading this blog on your smartphone. After all, as of January 2017, 77% of Americans own an iPhone, Android, or other mobile phone with computing capabilities. That number rises..
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Topics: Surveys, Mobile Surveys, Consumer Research

Sunlight and Insights: Op4G Heads to The Market Research Event (TMRE) in Florida!

Posted by Op4G Staff on October 3, 2017
Op4G is counting down the days to our next big conference in Orlando, Florida! Appropriately known as “The Market Research Event” (TMRE), the conference attracts over 1,100 market research and..
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Top of the Class: How Op4G Supports University Research

Posted by Op4G Staff on July 10, 2017
What do Harvard, Duke, and the University of Arizona have in common? For one thing, they are among the 335 US research universities engaged in “highest, higher, or moderate research activities”...
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Topics: Events, Consumer Research, University Research