Enhancing the User Experience Through UX Research

Posted by Madeline Warren on August 8, 2017
Madeline Warren

Have you ever visited a website where you cannot find the tab option you’re looking for? A website is a window into the world of how your business or organization operates.

In e-commerce, the stakes are particularly high. How do you expect consumers to buy your product if they can’t find the check-out option? Poor user experience on your website results in unhappy customers or even worse, no customers at all. That is where usability testing comes into play.

Usability testing is a way to evaluate how easy or difficult it is for a user audience to navigate a website. Most times in usability testing researchers will give respondents a set of tasks that someone using your website for the first time is likely to perform. A task may be asking the respondent to buy a pair of shoes for less than $50 on adidas.com, or it could be to book a hotel in the Bahamas at hotels.com.


While respondents are carrying out these tasks, researchers are using advance techniques such as eye tracking and heat maps to measure the system usability. Eye tracking measures where users are looking on your website. You want to ensure the most “eye catching” part of your website is not drawing people away from other more important elements on a page. Heat maps are used to show what areas of a website users are scrolling over and visiting the most.

While usability research is important, it is equally as important to ensure you are testing the right respondents. To preform usability testing your company must have access to your target audience, the people most likely to visit your website and buy your product or service. Testing the wrong audience or having too small of a sample size can have a major impact that could last for years.

Using a trustworthy panel provider like Op4G will help ensure you are researching your target audience. Whether you are trying to find small business owners, IT decision makers, amazon shoppers, or ailment sufferers; Op4G can match the exact characteristics of the needed demographic. The Op4G model of sourcing panelists from non-profits has allowed us to reach many individuals who normally wouldn’t be interested in spending their time taking surveys.

If you are interested in learning more about usability testing then we invite you to attend the MeasuringU “UXBootcamp 2017” August 16-18th in Denver, Colorado. The UXBootcamp is three days of intensive training on Usability Testing, Metrics, Analysis, and UX Methods. There will be a mix of lecture materials and hands on practice learning and applying methods. The bootcamp will explore real life case studies with sample provided by Op4G. Join us for a drink at the cocktail reception hosted by Op4G on Day 2. We hope to see you there!

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