Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise – Op4G Heads to IIeX Health 

Posted by Op4G Staff on March 19, 2018

It is hard to overstate the size of the American healthcare sector. As of 2015, spending on healthcare (by governments, individuals, and businesses) totalled a staggering $3.2 trillion. That works out to almost $10,000 per US resident and 17.8% of US Gross Domestic Product!

Yes, “in sheer market size, the health care market in the United States of America is the largest in the world". And not surprisingly, the demand for market research related to healthcare is also sky high.

In response, Op4G is launching various “health insights” panels. Each panel is composed of individuals from specific ailment communities, such as diabetics or lupus patients. Panelists are carefully screened and stand ready to complete surveys on their illness for “healthcare providers, insurance companies, research scientists, drug makers, testing supply manufacturers, and others in the medical field”. In return, the panelists receive payment and/or donations to a selected non-profit. Health Insights Diabetes is set to launch in quarter 2. Stay tuned for more info.

Of course, at Op4G, we aim to be on the cutting edge of healthcare market research. We want to use the latest technologies, innovations, methods, tools etc. to glean the very best insights. The prescription? The IIeXHealth Conference!

Scheduled for March 27 in Philadelphia, the IIeXHealth Conference promises to show “how the largest companies in healthcare and pharma are applying disruptive market research methodologies to achieve better business impacts”. Agenda topics include Leveraging Automation in Healthcare Research, Big Data + Patient Insights Using an Innovative Mobile App, Modernizing Your Patient Journey with Emotional Journey Mapping, and Virtual Realities: Opportunity for New Insights. With such knowledge, we’re sure to “stay ahead of the curve”!

Note: This will be Op4G’s second IIeX conference of 2018. In January, we travelled to Amsterdam to exhibit at IIeX2018EU to help us expand our operations in Europe. Perhaps we’ll see you at the next IIeX conference!

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