How to Receive the Most ROI from The Quirks Event

Posted by Madeline Warren on February 20, 2017
Madeline Warren

Op4G is getting ready to exhibit at The Quirk’s Event in Irvine, CA on February 28th, through March 1st. In preparation for The Quirk’s Event, Op4G compiled a list of best practices to help you receive the most ROI from attending.

1.) Develop Your “Elevator Speech”

Whether you are hosting a booth in the expo hall, leading a speaker session, or simply attending, be ready to meet a lot of new people at The Quirks Event. Take a minute before the event to prepare your short “elevator speech”. Your elevator speech should include 1.) Who you are. 2.) What company you work for. But most importantly 3.) Why your company is unique. 

Who and What are easy but Why may take a little preparation. Think about why your company stands out among the competition. Need help? Here’s an example…


Why : Op4G is unique in that we recruit panelists from non-profits and their resources. Our people join the panel to give feedback to our clients, while donating a portion of their cash incentive – at least 25% and up to 100%- back to non-profit partners. Our unique approach was created to benefit our clients by making real, untapped people available to help them succeed in their research initiatives.

2.) Network, Network, Network

Next comes your question. You told them what you do, but whom are you talking with? If they are a competitor or a potential partner you need to be ready to bring this information back to your company. Therefore, before leaving the conversation, make sure you know their “Who, What, and Why.

Need some extra help networking? If you thrive in a more relaxed atmosphere, attend the Expo Hall Happy Hour. Be sure to visit Op4G at kiosk L.


3.) Attend a Speaker Session

There are tons of great speakers lined up for the event. You most likely will not have the chance to hear everyone, so make sure you plan ahead and prioritize. When selecting program sessions, consider how you can apply that information to your company. Perhaps your company wants to do mobile survey qualitative research to test an aspect of your company’s brand. If this is the case, you may want to check out the presentation by Netflix, “Capturing the Moment of Truth in the Moment”, a case-study presentation of Netflix’s experiences with mobile survey approaches.


[Click to learn more about Mobile Survey Optimization with Op4G]


4.) Plan for Post Event

Whether you are simply walking around the exhibit hall or networking at the cocktail hours, make sure to think about how you can leverage your learning experiences and bring it back to your company. Abiding by this golden rule will ultimately ensure you receive the most ROI from attending The Quirks Event.


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