Op4G Heads to Quirks Brooklyn

Posted by Op4G Staff on March 1, 2020


Brooklyn, New York, is known for many things: a thriving arts scene, rows of classic Brownstones, a handful of pro sports teams, the famous Coney Island. But in recent years, the borough has also become “an economic powerhouse”[i]and a “hub of entrepreneurship [and] high-technology start-up firms”[ii]. In fact, “between 2009 and 2018, the number of tech start-ups in Brooklyn grew by 356%...second only to San Francisco”[iii]. Today, the borough is home to such companies as Etsy, Kickstarter, Vice Media, Livestream[iv], and Paperspace[v].


Why has Brooklyn emerged as an “epicenter of innovation and creativity”[vi]? Brooklyn is home to over 2.5 million people[vii], making it the most populous borough in New York City (and larger than Dallas, Philadelphia, and Boston![viii]). The population is also younger, on average, and has “grown up with tech their entire lives” creating a “large talent pool”[ix]. If that wasn’t enough for start-ups, Brooklyn boasts “ample incubators”[x], a favorable tax environment[xi], proximity to Manhattan, and relatively cheaper rent (at least for now). Plus, rezoning in the borough’s downtown core has opened up new areas for development[xii].


Whatever the reason, the surge in Brooklyn businesses and start-ups has increased the need for market research to ensure their long-term growth and survival. Fortunately, Op4G’s office in Fairfield, Connecticut, is just a short distance from Brooklyn. The office’s market research professionals cover all of New York City and the wider tri-state area. They provide the full range of Op4G services, from quantitative surveys to consultation [xiii]. And like all Op4G staff, they are experienced, reliable, flexible, and committed to delivering quality products with unparalleled speed[xiv].


On March 3 and 4, Op4G will travel to the Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn[xv]! The event, one of the leading market research conferences, features sessions and discussions on the “hottest marketing research and insight topics”[xvi]. It integrates demonstrations, interactive workshops and real-world case studies to encourage further learning. Moreover, it offers “endless networking opportunities”[xvii]including The Research Club Networking Mixer[xviii] (sponsored by Op4G and DJ-ed by our own Marco Otero[xix]!).


Quirks Brooklyn has already sold out so we hope you got your ticket early.  Also, plan your travel[xxi]and book your accommodations using the discounted group rate[xxii]. Finally, get your tickets for The Research Club Networking Mixer[xxiii]! (Note that Op4G will award free tickets to the first 3 people who book a project with Op4G and reference this blog post). Act quickly, the event is March 2nd. See you in Brooklyn!


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