Expanding Your Knowledge as a Nonprofit Marketer

Posted by Op4G Staff on Oct 26, 2021 2:47:00 PM


Nonprofit marketing is no simple task. These days, marketers have mere seconds to attract the attention of prospective donors. They face stiff competition from companies, influencers, and other nonprofits. They have to adapt to ever-evolving technology and trends. And, in many cases, they have just a minuscule team and budget.

But fear not! The World Wide Web is replete with resources to help nonprofits flourish. The trick, of course, is finding them! At Op4G, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to locate the very best tools for our nonprofit partners. Back in February, we published a blog on the “Top Affordable (or Free) Marketing Tools for Nonprofits in 2021," which highlighted various social media applications, website builders/optimizers, image/video creators, presentation software, and email marketing platforms. Then, in August, we featured a blog on how to “Reap the Benefits of Instagram: Top Tips for Nonprofits." This time, we’ve assembled a list of resources to help nonprofits expand their marketing knowledge.  

Where to begin? We suggest the Hubspot Academy. Hubspot is a leader in free online training for marketing professionals. After logging in, users get access to everything from full-fledged courses (typically several hours) to “bite-sized lessons” (some under 10 minutes). Topics include inbound marketing, social media, website design, email marketing, search engine optimization, reporting and performance, and more. You can choose for yourself or complete a short quiz to get courses tailored to your exact needs. If that isn’t enough, check out the Hubspot blog! Select the marketing tab to see hundreds of blog entries with “insights, ideas, and inspiration for modern marketers."

Of course, some may prefer a resource geared specifically to nonprofits. In that case, we recommend Nonprofit Ready. Aimed at “address[ing] the critical need for professional development in the nonprofit sector," Nonprofit Ready provides over 500 online courses and certificate programs—all for no cost! The nonprofit marketing courses explain “how to communicate your cause, gain more supporters, and have a greater impact through email marketing, social media, public relations, and more." The nonprofit marketing certificate, co-developed with the Nonprofit Marketing Guide, goes beyond marketing basics, showing learners how to plan and implement marketing campaigns. Like with Hubspot, learners can track their completions and get recommendations in the “My Learning Hub."

Another option is the aptly named The Storytelling Nonprofit. The website provides various materials to teach nonprofits how to tell stories that will “engage and inspire donors”, thus boosting donations. Nonprofits can read the website’s free blog (with hundreds of entries on topics like storytelling through video, writing compelling fundraising newsletters, creating your nonprofit’s narrative, and perfecting nonprofit emails. And for nonprofits with deeper pockets, they offer a Master Course or consulting services.

Finally, we can’t forget conferences! One of our favorites is the Nonprofit Marketing Summit. Held semi-annually over 3 days, this virtual Summit is ideally suited for those who crave live, dynamic sessions with fellow learners (over 15,000!). It features presentations by “the best nonprofit marketing thought leaders in the space” on the hottest marketing topics of the day. For those who miss the event, recordings of the sessions are also available on the website. Some other helpful conferences to check out are the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the NIO Summit, or the AMA Nonprofit and Cause Marketing Conference

Combined, these resources can turn any nonprofit staffer into a nonprofit marketing guru. To discover more, subscribe to our blog or contact your nonprofit coordinator!

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