Tips for 2020: Maximize Your Survey Earnings

Posted by Op4G Staff on Jan 29, 2020 11:00:00 AM


Completing Opinions4Good surveys is a simple and often fun way to earn money for yourself and your favorite causes…all from the comfort of your own home! But certain approaches to taking surveys can trigger disqualification and reduce your overall earning potential. At Op4G, we feel your frustration. So we’ve identified these top tips to help survey takers start the New Year off right: 


Take Your Time

It seems counterintuitive. If you whip through surveys, you can complete more, right? Wrong…companies want to ensure quality responses for their investment, so they frequently add “red herring” questions to their surveys. According to Drive Research, these are essentially “oddball questions within a series of regular questions to easily identify those who fully read and engaged in the survey and those who [did] not." An example might be:

What country are you currently in?

a) US

b) Mars

c) potato

d) monkey

If you answer the question incorrectly, you are immediately ejected from the survey. Just think of all the time wasted!


Take It Seriously

Many Op4G members complete surveys in their free time—on the subway ride to work, during commercial breaks, etc. We thoroughly encourage this practice. But, if you really want to up your income, “treat survey taking with the same seriousness you have for school or work." Set aside a scheduled block of time with limited opportunities for distraction. You’ll be amazed how many surveys you can churn out.


Take Surveys Promptly

It is not always feasible to complete a survey right away. We all have busy lives and, if you follow tip #2, you take your surveys at a pre-set time each day.

That being said, surveys are only open for defined periods and members can become ineligible as demographic quotas are met. (For example, a survey will screen out male panelists if the client has already received the desired number of responses from men). So don’t miss your chance! Try to complete surveys within 24 hours of receiving the invite.


Take Surveys Regularly

On a related note, long breaks between surveys can also cause problems. Op4G may delete an account when a member has been inactive (has not logged in or attempted a survey) after 6+ months. The best way to avoid this fate is to complete surveys frequently. Consider scheduling reminders in your cell phone or email calendar if possible. 

For more information on inactive accounts, check out our Privacy Policy


Other Resources

At Opinions4Good, the happiness of our members is a top priority. That's why we are always here to answer your questions or give tips on how to improve your survey taking skills! Check out our Panelist FAQ page for even more information or reach out to with any questions or concerns regarding your membership. 


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