The Power of Video Content For Nonprofits

Posted by Op4G Staff on Jun 28, 2021 9:08:00 AM


These days, no marketing strategy is complete without videos. After all, people now spend an average of 100 minutes per day watching video content! Additionally, viewers retain 95% of video messages (compared to 10% for text alone). They also share videos 1200% more than text and images combined. And 90% say that videos help them make purchase decisions.

But videos aren’t just valuable for corporations. Nonprofits, too, can capitalize on the highly engaging medium. For example, nonprofits can use videos to boost fundraising, as “video is the best online method for driving donations." Over three-quarters of donors find videos useful when weighing whether to give, and 57% of viewers go on to donate. Nonprofits can also use videos to:

  • Educate and build awareness about their organization and mission
  • Tell captivating stories about their work and impact (including beneficiary testimonials)
  • Communicate with supporters about recent developments and accomplishments
  • Circulate calls to action (e.g., to volunteer, join a mailing list, donate)
  • Promote upcoming events or activities
  • Thank supporters (improving retention)
  • Drive traffic to their website or social media accounts

Many organizations are already effectively leveraging nonprofit video marketing as a primary channel. Just check out these clips: “The Girl Effectuses a powerful storyline, statistics, and symbols to raise awareness for the plight of girls worldwide. “The Dolphin Project uses A-list celebrities and graphic imagery to inspire viewers to spread the word about the Japanese dolphin hunt. “Follow the Frog uses humor to educate about the Rainforest Alliance certification program. Finally, “The Source uses the true story of an Ethiopian teen to illustrate the life-changing impact of Charity Water’s work.

Such videos may seem out of reach for the average nonprofit—not everyone has Hollywood connections or a budget for international film crews! But now, thanks to a wide array of free or affordable tools, any nonprofit can make films. 

Biteable, for example, allows users to make free, studio-quality videos “with animation, stock footage, and photos." Typito helps create “compelling, high impact videos…with professional text effects, graphics overlays, and more." Another option, Vimeo, provides custom video templates, fonts, colors, layouts, etc. to “find the right look” for nonprofits.

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Then, of course, there are the tools that many of us use already! Zoom, the now-famous teleconferencing software, also has a “record” function. Smartphones can capture and edit short videos, like a clip at an event or a behind-the-scenes tour of the organization. Plus, apps like Instagram allow video creators to apply interesting effects, such as “boomerang” loops. Just remember, not all videos require high production. Sometimes, even raw footage can deeply resonate with viewers.

So if your nonprofit has yet to use the silver screen, now is the time! Ask a staff member to experiment with the tools above. Or alternatively, do a call out for volunteers with video experience. Then grab a camera, set up the tripod, and hit record!

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