The Opinion Podcast: Across Language and Culture, Tips for International Market Research

Posted by Op4G Staff on September 30, 2022

The Opinion is a new podcast where we discuss trending topics within the market research industry and general tips for anyone whose business focuses on delivering real customer insights. 

About Episode 3

In this episode of The Opinion, we take our conversation across borders in honor of International Podcast Day, celebrated on September 30th, to promote the power of podcasts internationally. Any business wanting to take their product or service internationally will encounter markets with different native languages. To get a jump start on going international, Bob McNabb from ProTranslating joins us to share tips on conducting market research across languages and cultures. 

Bob McNabb is Vice President of Market Research Business Development for ProTranslating. Bob has over 18 years of experience in market research, including programming, project management, survey development, and client consulting. Through his high-level market research knowledge, he is truly an expert on streamlining language support services to fit global research projects better. We’re so excited to have him here on The Opinion in honor of International Podcast Day!

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