True or False? Mobile Survey Optimization with Op4G

Posted by Madeline Warren on February 7, 2017
Madeline Warren

Life is busy and Op4G understands that. Subsequently, all Op4G surveys are mobile friendly so
members can easily take them in their spare time, waiting at the doctor’s office or on their commute to work. People rely on their phones for everything from shopping to picking out the perfect restaurant, and now even for taking surveys. Keeping in mind that many respondents could be taking surveys on their mobile phone or tablet may help you succeed in fulfilling information needs.

Here is what Op4G has found to be true and false when it comes to mobile survey optimization:

 FALSE: Longer surveys have fewer completions.

Although this may be true for other panels, Op4G has noticed that the length of a survey does not affect its completion rate due to our unique member incentive. Every month our membership team interviews a handful of Op4G survey takers for the spot of winning our “volunteer of the month.” Through these interviews we have learned that even when Op4G members take a long survey and may want to give up halfway, they do not. Why? This is because Op4G members know the survey incentives are going towards a good cause. So, whether you have 5, 15, or 30 pages of survey questions, our members are eager to follow through until the end.

TRUE: The real impact is seen with the number of questions per page.

There is a point where the amount of questions per-page has an impact on completion rate. Scrolling through a long page can get tiring on the thumbs and you definitely do not want respondents accidentally clicking the wrong choice while scrolling! But wait, there’s good news. Op4G has 80-demographic points recorded on every member. This means when designing a survey, you do not need to re-ask basic demographic questions. Save time and energy by getting right to the point.

TRUE: Small screens make complicated questions even more complicated.

If panelists are using their mobile phones to take surveys rather than a desktop, they are likely on-the-go, juggling a morning coffee while trying to catch a train or bus to work. This is where using a keyboard becomes tricky. Being selective about how many essay questions you include in a survey can help completion rate. Questions that include watching videos or answering complex matrix questions can also be tiring on the eyes. Keeping most questions multiple choice or dichotomous will provide surveys takers with a more enjoyable experience and may even lead to the project being completed more quickly.

If this is not an option for a project you have in mind do not worry! Our unique approach to recruiting through non-profits and their resources means our members are even more incentivized to help our market research clients fulfill their information needs. 

So, if you are looking to fill a survey that requires respondents from the C-suite, moms with infants, or patients with rare ailments, always keep in mind that members may be taking your survey on a mobile phone or tablet. Designing studies with these mobile optimization tips in mind could help you reach a more representative audience.


 Having trouble getting started? Op4G is here to help. When you work with Op4G you will receive your own team that is committed to fulfilling your research needs. 

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