Top of the Class: How Op4G Supports University Research

Posted by Op4G Staff on July 10, 2017
What do Harvard, Duke, and the University of Arizona have in common? For one thing, they are among the 335 US research universities engaged in “highest, higher, or moderate research activities”. Combined, these 335 universities spent a reported $68.8 billion on research and development in 2015!
Research universities are “the hub of knowledge and discovery” in the United States. In fact, some of the most seminal breakthroughs in history “were born at great American universities”. Economists at the University of Chicago, for example, developed the free-market economic theory. Engineers at Johns Hopkins created the first cardiac defibrillator to correct irregular heartbeats. A psychologist at Stanford described the theory of cognitive dissonance. And when you’re on a road trip this summer, thank the father of FM radio – a professor at Columbia!
But these universities can’t do it alone. They depend heavily on external funding from government (55.2%), the private sector, non-profits etc. They regularly use their own students—for data collection, entry, and analysis. And, on occasion, they need help recruiting research subjects.
That is where Op4G provides real value. Given our extensive membership panel, Op4G can supply universities with subjects from virtually any demographic group. We can find subjects for surveys, interviews, focus groups, and various other research projects. Plus, we pride ourselves on being quick and reliable.
Already, Op4G has worked with numerous leading research universities across the United States. For Northwestern University, we recruited 2024 individuals with eczema and 1250 with cancer. For Oklahoma State University, we found 200 manufacturers or distributors of beer and soda. Moreover, for the University of Pennsylvania, we located 5000 children with 2nd and 3rd grade reading levels. Reflecting on Op4G’s work, one university researcher said that she would recommend Op4G “based on quality and ability to meet our requirements. [Op4G has] responded the fastest and been the most flexible in terms of delivery and pricing".
This month, Op4G is heading to the American Marketing Association Non-Profit Marketing Conference in Washington D.C. (July 10 - 12). We’ll even have our own booth! We encourage universities to stop by to learn more about Op4G and to describe their research needs. Put us to the test – we’re confident that we’ll pass!
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