GRIT Report 2021: Leave Uncertainty in the Rearview Mirror

Posted by Madeline Warren on July 21, 2021
It is indisputable that the entire consumer landscape has experienced a seismic shift. The whys behind a consumer’s path to purchase have taken a sharp left down a one-way freeway, when it was..
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Topics: Growth, COVID-19, Data Quality

2020 Holiday Shopping Habits: Omnibus Results

Posted by Op4G Staff on December 18, 2020
The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically changed every-day life for most of us, and the holidays have been no exception. From preferred methods of shopping to amount spent on gifts, we surveyed 1,000..
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Topics: Consumer Research, Infographic, COVID-19

Keep Your Business Healthy During the Pandemic

Posted by Op4G Staff on May 13, 2020
It is a harrowing time for American companies. As a result of the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic[i], thousands of businesses are shuttering their doors, laying off staff, and quickly depleting..
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Topics: COVID-19

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